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Ok so i have a couple who are my friend they  was talking to me about a problem they have . So my homegrl says that her man dont respect her , he thinks he can grab her and touch her whenever he wants and she sick out it and then my homeboi said that he doesn't see a problem with it that he loves her and want to b able to feel her skin and the problem is that she always be pushing him away and that she's his ( smh )and my homegrl said 1st of all i aint no-1's property and  that she pushes away cause she sick that he always be grabber her even when she says stop that she isn't a piece of meat and he pops out if we dot give ya attention ya think we cheater and if we give you attention we get pushed away  make up ya minds. then he said that he thinks she pushing him away cause she cheated .omg smh . lol what do ya think? im my opinion  i think he should back it off a little because honesty we all know when we get chase alot we get annoyed and pull away and that the same in both male & females . also if he thinks she cheating after this many yrs wtf he still doing with her ? also to my homegrl sum-x u just gotta give a guy a little more attention cause if you dont he sure dam  hell will find it from sum-1 else ! or you can give him the same amount of attention as he gives you so he can see how he suffocating you . but in the end ya both my friend and i love ya both and hope ya aint get offend and cant work through this. i think ya should work it out ! what ya think?

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