Please help us find a cure by making people aware of this cause.Most people don't even know what Crohn's and Colitis is and if they don't know why would they want to help?  You can help by spreading the word to family and friends , make a donation and ask friend and family family and even co-worker to donate or even join our team and walk of for a cure from wherever you live not matter how far or close you might live ( no matter if in different states ) Join our team and help raise money from where you are . This Disease affect life of toddlers, teens, adults, and seniors and not only does it affect the life of who has it but it affects the whole family emotionally . Go to my site read my story on why I'm fighting for a cure and then read my team leaders story (Derisha) . Remember every little bit helps so join our team, make a donation and spread the word to receive more donations. Remember to click the link below.
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Do you anyone with Crohn's ? Do you need to talk about it ? Or need a friend or advice ? Let us known we are here to listen if you need . And we have Dee who is fighting Crohn's in her life so there is some one to relate with.


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    April 2012